Vaccinations And The Corona Outbreak: Are They Going on And Are They Safe?

Vaccinations And The Corona Outbreak: Are They Going on And Are They Safe?

Vaccinations And The Corona Outbreak: Are They Going on And Are They Safe?
For children between the ages of 0 and 4, most vaccinations continue under the National Vaccination Program. You can also get the whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women.

However, there are a number of conditions due to the coronavirus. When will a vaccination be postponed and which vaccinations will and will not be continued?

  • Most vaccinations and lamp injections continue during the corona outbreak for children between 0 and 4 years of age according to the National Vaccination Program.
  • Vaccinations are postponed if you and / or your child have a cold and / or fever, or if a family member is infected with corona.
  • Vaccinations for children aged 9 years (BMR and DTP) and 13 years (HPV) are postponed until after the summer holidays.
  • The whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women continues.

Is it safe to vaccinate now that the coronavirus is prevalent?

Yes, it is safe to have your child vaccinated now . Doctors recommend that you have your child vaccinated now. Vaccinations protect your child against infectious infectious diseases.

So they are important. All injections and vaccinations for children between 0 and 4 years therefore continue as normal at the consultation center .

Is my child more likely to be infected with the coronavirus after vaccinations?
No, the vaccinations do not lower your child's resistance. So, after the vaccinations, he has no higher chance of getting the coronavirus .

A vaccination also does not increase the chance of a more serious course of infection with the coronavirus .

Which vaccinations for your child continue?

The following injections and vaccinations are carried out at the clinic:
  • First week. The heel prick . In most municipalities, an employee comes to this home. This will take extra hygienic measures.
  • 2 months. Not all babies receive this vaccination. Your child will only receive this if you have not had a whooping cough vaccination during your pregnancy and in special situations. If this is the case with you, the youth doctor will discuss this with you.
  • 3 months. The first vaccinations your baby is DTP-HepB-Hib vaccination and the Pneu-prick. These protect your child against diphtheria, whooping cough , tetanus, polio, hib disease, hepatitis B and pneumococcal disease.
  • 4-5 months. The DKTP-Hib-HepB vaccination and Pneu lamprey are both repeated.
  • 11 months. The DKTP-Hib-HepB vaccination and Pneu lamprey are both repeated.
  • 14 months. The MMR vaccination and MenACWY injection. These protect your child against mumps, measles , rubella and four types of meningococcal bacteria .
  • 4 years. The DKTP shot is repeated. This agreement may not go through. If necessary, it can be postponed until the autumn at the latest.
  • 14 years. The MenACWY vaccination for a 14-year-old must be given no later than 1 July 2020, because meningococcal W still occurs in the Netherlands. This is now given individually instead of in groups.

When should you not come to the consultation office?

Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have been tightened. Therefore, in some situations it is not allowed to come to the clinic .

The vaccination of your child is temporarily postponed in the following situations:
  • Your child suffers from colds. This includes sneezing, coughing , a runny nose and / or sore throat.
  • Your baby has a fever. This applies at a body temperature from 38 ° C.
  • You suffer from colds or fever. Does your child not suffer from these complaints? Then he can come to the consultation office with someone who has no complaints.
  • Someone in your family is infected with corona. In that case, the whole family must be in home isolation for two weeks.
Are you unsure whether or not you can come? Then discuss this by telephone with the consultation office.

Which vaccinations for your child are canceled ?

A number of vaccinations for older children are postponed in most regions until after the summer holidays . These vaccinations are normally given in groups, for example in the gym at your child's school. In order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it is temporarily not allowed to meet in groups. Therefore, these vaccinations are postponed. Your child is still sufficiently protected against the diseases to postpone the vaccination for 6 months.

The following vaccinations are postponed in most regions:
  • 9 years. The MMR and DTP vaccination. These extend the protection of your child against mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus and polio.
  • 12-13 years in girls. The HPV injection. This vaccination protects your daughter against the HPV virus. This is a virus that can cause cervical cancer.
Some JGZ organizations can give these vaccinations individually. This means that they have the space and time to schedule all children separately for a vaccination.

Then it is possible that the vaccination will continue. Have you had an invitation and are you unsure? Please contact the JGZ organization in your region .

Is the whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women still safe?
Yes, the whooping cough vaccination is safe and will continue as usual.

It is important to get this shot so that your child is protected against whooping cough from birth.

Postpone the vaccination if you have a cold or if you have a fever .

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