This Way You Introduce Your Children To The Corona Measures

This Way You Introduce Your Children To The Corona Measures

This Way You Introduce Your Children To The Corona Measures
It is important to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A number of measures have been put in place to achieve this. These can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Especially for your child, who cannot yet estimate the seriousness of the situation. How do you introduce your child to the corona measures?

1. Know the measures

To explain the measures to your child , it is useful if you are well informed yourself. The regulations are currently being tightened regularly.

Keep an eye on the news and view the measures via the RIVM website . This way you can be sure that you are teaching your child the right rules.

2. Explain why there are measures

Chances are that your child does not yet understand what is going on. It is difficult for him to understand all those new rules. For your little one, it may feel like you just decided that he or she should no longer see grandpa or grandma.

Therefore, try to explain in clear language that people get sick outside, and that we are therefore all extra careful.

To avoid anxiety in your child, it is good to explain that this situation is temporary. Just if we stick to the rules now, these will no longer be necessary and everything will be over sooner.

3. Set a good example

Your child learns by looking at your example . So show above all how you deal with the stricter measures. Try to remain as positive as possible.

This allows your child to see that mom or dad takes the situation seriously, without it being annoying. This ensures that he also complies with the rules faster.

4. Make use of videos

On the internet there are all kinds of videos in which the new measures are explained in a simple way. Think of animations from the Youth News.

These videos are specially made to introduce your child to the regulations. By looking at this together and discussing it afterwards, the information will stick extra well to your little one.

5. Deploy a reward system

Do you notice that your child finds it difficult to adjust his behavior? Then try not to get angry, but to show understanding. It is also a big change for your little one.

A reward system can help encourage the most important habits. For example, put a sticker on a sheet of paper for every time your child washes his hands for twenty seconds . With ten stickers he can choose what you eat that evening.

6. Make it a game

Playfully teach your child naturally the right habits to. By making hand washing a game, your little one will like it a lot more. For example, do a competition 'making foam'.

Are you going to take a breath? Then you can make it a game to avoid or keep other people on the street.

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