Coronavirus Leads To Major Concerns And Confusion Among Pregnant Women

Coronavirus Leads To Major Concerns And Confusion Among Pregnant Women

Coronavirus leads to major concerns and confusion among pregnant women

Pregnant women are deeply concerned about the coronavirus. The influence of the virus on their unborn child raises many questions and tension: 91% are concerned about this. Other issues, such as personal health and medical supervision during pregnancy, also cause concern.

This is shown  among more than 7,500 pregnant women. In addition to concerns about their baby 's health , women are concerned about childbirth .

More than 86% of the respondents indicate that they are more concerned about this due to the corona crisis. The responses show that women are also very afraid that their partner may not be in labor.

Communication government insufficient

Two-thirds of the respondents think the government's communication about the risks of pregnant women is bad to very bad. Responses mainly mention that pregnant women like to be seen as a risk group.

For example, one respondent indicates: 'Is it realistic to say that pregnant women are not at extra risk? It is time for RIVM to come up with a guideline for pregnant women, especially in healthcare. ' However, 72% of the respondents are positive about the tightened measures.

Own measures

The concerns and uncertainties among pregnant women lead to pregnant women taking extra measures themselves . The vast majority (89%) indicate that they are more cautious in connection with pregnancy. This is to reduce the risk of contamination.

Women are also extra careful when classifying the maternity period. More than half of the respondents no longer want to receive a maternity visit (55.4%).

Virtually all other respondents invite less maternity visits than before the corona outbreak. The small percentage that still want to have a maternity visit is often only calculated over a longer period of time. They hope that the situation will have improved by then.

Which measures can you take?

Are you pregnant and are you worried? The following measures help you to minimize the risk of contamination.

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • Are you going outside? Keep at least a meter and a half away from others.
  • Only go to the midwife if he indicates that you can come safely.
  • Avoid contact with sick people. Is this impossible? Then provide extra protection.
  • Boost your immune system by staying active, getting enough sleep and eating healthy.
  • Take special care with foods that are not recommended during your pregnancy.

Positive role for midwives

On average, respondents in the Netherlands receive midwives with a 7.3 for the way they deal with the coronavirus.

Almost half of the pregnant women (48%) even give an 8 or higher. The midwife offers a lot of support for expectant mothers.

Clarity and protection

The responses show that women are mainly looking for clarity and protection: 'I am surprised that pregnant women do not belong in the risk group and do not receive extra advice, as in other countries.

It is difficult to justify to your employer that you do not think certain activities or meetings are justified. '

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