What can I eat during my pregnancy?

What can I eat during my pregnancy?

What can I eat during my pregnancy?

Of course you want your unborn baby to receive the best nutrition to develop into a healthy baby. That's why it's smart to watch what you eat.

Certain bacteria and metals that your body normally can process well are harmful to your child. What can you eat safely during your pregnancy, and what should you be careful with?

Preparing your food

Not only what you eat is important, but also the preparation. It is best to cook meat and fish through and through.

Do not allow the utensils with which you have touched raw meat to come into contact with cooked meat or other foods. This will prevent cross-contamination.

You can safely eat raw vegetables, but wash them carefully. This can also contain harmful bacteria.

In addition, be extra careful with fresh products such as cold cuts and salads. Do not keep it for too long.

Eating cheese

A few slices of cheese per day fit into a healthy diet. You can eat all types of cheese in the Netherlands as long as there is no 'au lait cru' on the package.

If this is the case, the cheese is prepared with raw milk and can contain the dangerous listeria bacteria.

Think especially of cheese molds, but also take a look at the packaging for brie and mozzarella .

If nothing is on the packaging, it is safe. Also cheese from the farmer can contain the listeria bacteria and is unsafe during your pregnancy.

Eating fish

It is advisable to eat fish regularly during your pregnancy, but not all fish are risk-free.

Raw fish and raw shellfish and smoked fish may contain the harmful listeria bacteria. So it is wise to be careful with, for example, sushi .

Vacuum-packed fish is an additional risk, because it is often stored for a long time. For that reason it is better not to eat oysters and other raw shellfish or crustaceans.

You can eat mussels or shrimps that have been cooked without risk.

Some fish species may contain dioxins and heavy metals. Therefore, it is better not to eat too many of the following fish:

  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • Zander
  • Shark
  • King mackerel
  • Eel from Dutch rivers

It was initially thought that canned fish contained less heavy metals, but RIVM has now indicated that there is no difference in heavy metals in fresh fish or canned fish.

It is therefore better to leave the cans when you are pregnant. Eating fatty fish is very healthy, but dioxins can also accumulate in this. So do not eat this more often than once a week.

Eating meat

pregnant eating meat

Raw meat, such as tartar or carpaccio, can be harmful and should therefore not be eaten. They can contain pathogens such as Toxoplasma gondii . Meats such as  chorizo , filet americain, raw ham (for example, parma ham , serrano ham ), ox sausage, roast beef, salami and tea sausage can also be harmful.

There is a lot of vitamin A in the liver , and an excess of vitamin A can be harmful to your baby. Therefore eat a maximum of 1 sandwich per day with sausage or pate.

View the complete overview of meat >>

Overview of foods for your refrigerator

It can be difficult to keep an overview of what you can and cannot eat safely. With the schedule below you can always check during your pregnancy whether you can take something without risk.

Use of herbs if you are pregnant

The following herbs are harmful during pregnancy: aloe vera, tansy, angelica (dong quai), butterbur, cucumber herb, sage and herbal preparations.

You can limit the use of some herbs, such as basil , fennel and cinnamon . However, moderate use will not hurt.

Coffee during your pregnancy

The stimulating effect of coffee is due to the caffeine it contains. A high dose of this may be harmful during your pregnancy.

There are indications that excessive caffeine consumption, among other things, increases the risk of miscarriage .

Your baby may also have a lower birth weight if you drink more coffee than recommended.

The advice is to limit yourself to 200 mg of caffeine per day. This amounts to 1 to 2 cups per day, although it depends on the type of coffee and the size of your cup.

It is even better not to drink coffee at all during your pregnancy and when you are breastfeeding . Various energy drinks, tea and chocolate also contain caffeine, so be careful with this.

Tip for your partner: Point your partner to our paternity calendar . You stay informed about the developments surrounding the pregnancy and what you can and cannot eat.

For example, your partner can be loyal to avoid certain foods.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and the use of alcohol is very harmful to your baby. More information can be found in the articles smoking during pregnancy and alcohol during pregnancy .

Also check out these tips for quitting smoking .

Other harmful foods

It is better not to use these foods too much:

  • Cinnamon (gingerbread, apple pie, gingerbread)
  • Drop
  • Licorice tea (maximum 2 glasses)
  • Rhubarb

It is better not to use these products at all:

  • Fennel and anise tea
  • Pimba or gourd lime

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