5 facts about vitamins during your pregnancy

5 facts about vitamins during your pregnancy

5 facts about vitamins during your pregnancy

During your pregnancy you want to take extra care of yourself and your baby. You live as healthy as possible and eat varied. In addition to your diet, you can sometimes use extra vitamins.

We have listed some facts about vitamins during your pregnancy. Which vitamins and minerals do you need, and why?

1: Folic acid during your pregnancy contributes to the growth of your baby

During your pregnancy, folic acid contributes to the growth of your baby, the development of the nervous system and reduces the chance of some birth defects. Folic acid is mainly found in green vegetables, fruits and whole grain products. In addition to healthy eating , the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends taking 400 micrograms of folic acid every day if you want to become pregnant, and to do so until the tenth week of your pregnancy.

2: Vitamin D during your pregnancy helps with cell division

Vitamin D aids in cell division and contributes to the maintenance of strong bones. During your pregnancy, vitamin D is needed for the growth and development of your baby's skeleton. Your body produces vitamin D under the influence of sunlight. So enjoy the sun, because that is the main source of vitamin D.

In your diet, vitamin D naturally occurs only in animal products, especially in oily fish. If you are pregnant, the advice is to take an extra 10 micrograms of vitamin D every day. You can find this amount exactly in Davitamon Complete mama.

3: Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body

Vitamin A is good for resistance, is important for eyesight, the maintenance of healthy skin and a good iron content in the blood. During pregnancy, you also don't want to get too much vitamin A.

Beta carotene (provitamin A) is converted into vitamin A in your body. Your body is so smart that it only converts what you need. Davitamon Complete Mama contains beta carotene and so you can use exactly the amount of vitamin A that you can use to supplement your diet.

4: Vitamins and minerals can give you a helping hand for the delivery

You want to start the delivery as fit as possible. After all, it is quite an attack on your body. Unfortunately, during your pregnancy you usually sleep a lot less than usual and you can suffer from fatigue .

Different vitamins and minerals during your pregnancy, such as vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, iron and magnesium, contribute to extra energy during fatigue. This way you are well prepared, and with just that little bit of extra energy, you go into labor.

5: Vitamins and minerals during your pregnancy help your immune system

You can suffer from various ailments during your pregnancy . In combination with poor sleep , a different diet and less exercise, this can affect your resistance.

You may know that vitamin C contributes to good resistance. But also folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, and D, and the minerals iron, copper and zinc, help your immune system.

Complete Mama contains all these vitamins and minerals and thus supports your resistance during your pregnancy.

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