Visit to the clinic during a corona outbreak

Visit to the clinic during a corona outbreak

Visit to the clinic during a corona outbreak
In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to avoid social contact as much as possible. Can you and your baby still go to the clinic during the corona outbreak? And is it wise to have your baby vaccinated now?

  • Appointments at the consultation office for children between 0 and 16 months and the appointment for children of 4 years continue. Others are being postponed for the time being.
  • Do you or your child have complaints, or have you been in contact with an infected person? Then do not come to the consultation office.
  • Doctors recommend that you have your child vaccinated now . Vaccinations protect your child against infectious infectious diseases.
  • When you are pregnant, it is also important during the corona outbreak to get vaccinated against whooping cough.

What is the coronavirus?

The corona virus is a virus that occurs in different variants. The variant that is now spreading causes COVID-19 disease. The symptoms are very similar to those of a 'normal' flu.

The disease is mild in most people. This means that you have few complaints and do not get seriously ill. For people with poorer health and the elderly, COVID-19 can be dangerous.

The coronavirus and your baby

It appears that COVID-19 is generally mild in babies and young children. Infection with the coronavirus is rarely associated with serious health problems. However, children with underlying conditions are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill. This is the same as with other flu-like viruses.

Recent research has examined 230 infected babies to date, including three newborn babies. In most children, including the newborn babies, the disease was mild.

Deaths did not occur in this group and serious complaints only occurred in children with underlying health problems.

Consultation agency during corona outbreak

Now that corona is spreading in the Netherlands, consultation agencies are also taking measures. Some offices are temporarily closed. Many remain open, but with adjustments. You can expect the following changes:

  • Walk-in consultation hours and meetings will not be held for the time being. As a pregnant woman, you can get a whooping cough vaccination during the appropriate consultation hours.
  • The hearing test is temporarily canceled. Hearing tests are postponed to keep appointments as short as possible.
  • Appointments are planned as widely as possible. This should ensure that as few people as possible are present in the waiting room.
  • Only one person can take your child to the appointment. This person should not have respiratory complaints or a fever. Brothers and sisters are also not welcome during the appointment.
  • It is not possible to come without an appointment. If you do not have an appointment, you cannot be helped at the consultation office. This is intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.

Extra measures at the consultation office

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, employees of the consultation agency take extra measures.

This ensures that the risk of infection for you, your child and themselves is as small as possible. They take the following measures:
  • Do not shake hands
  • Washing hands extra often during appointments and in between appointments
  • Your child is only touched if necessary, for example during weighing or giving a vaccination
TIP: The Center for Youth and Family has drawn up a list of frequently asked questions that parents have during this period. Is your question not there? Then contact them or call the agency near you.

Which agreements will be made at the consultation office during corona?

The agreements in the table below continue. If an appointment is not listed here, it will be canceled. The consultation office will call you to make a new appointment.

When? How and what?
22 weeks pregnant Walk-in consultation hours pertussis vaccination on CB continues
Between 4 and 12 days Heel prick, on CB or at home
Between 1 and 2 weeks Birth consultation, by telephone as much as possible
3 weeks Health examination on CB
8 weeks Health examination and possibly. prick CB
3 months Health examination and 2 injections on CB
5 months Health examination and 2 injections on CB
11 months 2 jabs on CB
14 months Health examination and 2 injections on CB
4 years Eye test and prick on CB. It is possible that this agreement is not going through now. If necessary, it can be postponed until the autumn at the latest.
Additional scheduled appointments On CB or by telephone if possible
Appointments for catch-up vaccinations On CB

Hearing test and heel prick during corona outbreak

Your baby will get a heel prick about a week after birth . This injection can be used to determine whether your child has a rare hereditary disease . Normally, his hearing will also be tested during this appointment .

Because this test is less important than the heel prick just after birth, hearing tests are postponed for the time being. The consultation office will contact you for a new appointment.

If you live in Rotterdam, you will be asked to come to the consultation center for the heel prick. In other municipalities, an employee comes to you. This ensures good hygiene, such as washing hands extra often and not shaking hands.

Does anyone in your family have health problems? Please contact us so that you can discuss whether the appointment can be rescheduled better.

Vaccinations and the coronavirus

It is also wise to have your child vaccinated during the coronavirus outbreak . He can then build up a defense against infectious diseases. This way you prevent him from getting sick and possibly infecting others.

The vaccinations do not reduce the resistance of your child. So you don't have to worry that he has a higher chance of getting COVID-19. A vaccination also does not increase the chance of a more serious course of infection with the coronavirus.

The vaccination days for children from 9 years are postponed until after the summer holidays. The reason for this is that at these meetings many people come together in one room. The chance of infections is then high. As soon as more is known about a new date, the Center for Youth and Family will contact you.

When can you not come to the consultation office?

A vaccination must be rescheduled if your child has a cold such as a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat and / or fever. Make a new appointment as soon as possible once your child is healthy again.

This also applies if you want to get a whooping cough vaccination and have (mild) complaints.

Do you have (mild) health complaints, such as a cold, cough, or sore throat? Then you are temporarily not welcome at the consultation center to prevent contamination.

If you have complaints but your child is healthy, a healthy person can go with your child if possible. If someone in your family has a fever, the appointment must be rescheduled.

Tips at Corona and visit to consultation center

The tips below can be useful now that the coronavirus requires adjustments during your visit to the clinic.
  • Do not take a seat in the waiting room too early. Try not to arrive too early before the start of your appointment. In this way you help to prevent full waiting rooms and the spread of the corona virus.
  • Keep as far away as possible. Try to stay at least 1.5 meters away from employees, other parents and children. The employee will only come closer if necessary.
  • Ensure good hygiene. Do not shake hands and regularly wash your hands well with soap. Do you have (mild) complaints? Then stay home.

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