Maternity Care And The Coronavirus: What Is Changing?

Maternity Care And The Coronavirus: What Is Changing?

Maternity Care And The Coronavirus: What Is Changing?
Because the coronavirus is prevalent in the Netherlands, maternity care also takes protective measures. These should make the virus less likely to spread. What will change for you if you need maternity care during this period? And what do you have to take into account?


  • Maternity care takes protective measures to reduce the chance of the coronavirus spreading.
  • Maternity visits are not allowed when the maternity nurse is there and the intake takes place by telephone.
  • When you are infected with corona, checks take as short a time as possible and take place remotely where possible.

Maternity care and the coronavirus: what is changing?

What is the coronavirus?

The corona virus is a virus that occurs in different variants. The variant that is now spreading causes COVID-19 disease. The symptoms are much like an 'ordinary' flu. The disease is mild in most people.

This means that you have few complaints and do not get seriously ill. For people with poorer health and the elderly, COVID-19 can be dangerous.

Coronavirus and maternity care

Avoiding social contact makes the coronavirus less likely to spread. Maternity care agencies are also adapting their way of working to help with this and to protect staff and maternity families .

This means, among other things, that they work extra hygienically and that they do not take any risks if an employee or someone from a maternity family may be infected.

Maternity carers have a duty to report now that the corona virus is prevalent. This means that they must report it if they have (mild) health problems, come back from a risk area or have been in contact with an infected person.

If so, they should not be working in maternity care. This way you and your family are less likely to get infected.

Due to the possible loss of maternity nurses, it may be that there are not always enough maternity nurses available.

That is why it is good to take into account that your hours may run differently than planned. It is also possible that you can get less help than you normally expect.

Changes in maternity care during corona outbreak

Is your child born now that corona is spreading in the Netherlands? Then you can expect the following changes in maternity care:

  • No maternity visit when the maternity nurse is present. Visitors are not allowed when the maternity nurse is present. With many maternity care organizations this also applies during the evening hours. So stick to a window visit during maternity week. By meeting at the window, the baby can be admired from a safe distance.
  • The intake takes place by telephone. This replaces the home visit for the intake. Less contact moment means less chance of infecting each other.
  • The maternity nurse is extra hygienic. This means that you do not shake hands and that the maternity nurse washes her hands extra often. She will also keep as much distance as possible where possible and wear gloves in situations where necessary.
  • There may be shifts in maternity care hours. Maternity nurses are distributed as well as possible among all maternity families, but there may be a staff shortage. This can mean that there is a shift in the planning. Therefore, maternity care may make a request for your flexibility.

Infected with corona and maternity care

If you are (possibly) infected with the coronavirus, you can still count on help from maternity care. However, they do adjust their way of working to prevent contamination as much as possible. The following measures are taken:

  • The maternity nurse wears protective clothing, a mouth mask and gloves during the home visits.
  • When she comes to your home, these visits are as short as possible.
  • If possible, maternity care is provided remotely via video calling.

Tips for maternity care during the corona outbreak

The following tips can help to ensure that maternity care during the corona outbreak goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Ensure good hygiene. Regularly wash your hands, sneeze and cough in your elbow fold, do not shake hands and distance yourself from people with (mild) health problems. This will help to reduce the spread of the virus during maternity week. Do you have complaints yourself? Then stay home.
  • Report any (mild) complaints to the maternity care. Let your maternity care organization know by phone if you or someone in your family suffers from (mild) health complaints. You can think of coughing, fever, sore throat and nose cold. The maternity nurse will still come, but will then take appropriate measures.
  • Be careful when inviting maternity visits. Maternity visits are not permitted when the maternity care is at home. Outside the maternity care hours, be careful when inviting visitors. The advice is to postpone this until after the outbreak.
  • Let your partner listen in on phone calls. Do you have a telephone conversation with maternity care, for example before the intake? Then it can be useful to put your phone on the speaker so that your partner can listen in.

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