Emergency Shelter For Your Child During The Corona Outbreak

Emergency Shelter For Your Child During The Corona Outbreak

Emergency Shelter For Your Child During The Corona Outbreak
Due to the spread of the coronavirus, schools and nurseries are closed for the time being. When you have a crucial profession, you can use emergency shelter during the corona outbreak. When are you entitled to this and how does emergency care work exactly?

What is the coronavirus?

The corona virus is a virus that occurs in different variants. The variant that is now spreading causes the flu-like illness COVID-19. In most people, COVID-19 causes mild complaints. The disease can be dangerous for those in poor health and the elderly.

Emergency shelter during corona outbreak

Schools and nurseries are closed until at least April 6, 2020. This measure aims to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. If you work in a crucial profession, your child can still go to the nursery, the childminder , school or BSO .

Emergency care is arranged for you during this period. You can also use this when your child does not normally go to day care.

If you and your partner both have a crucial profession, you can report this to your child's school, childminder or daycare center.

Do either of you have a crucial occupation? Then try to arrange childcare at home as much as possible. If this does not work, you can take your child to the emergency shelter.

What are the key occupational groups?

Some professions are important to keep society running. When you and your partner practice one of these professions, it is important that you can continue to do your work. That is why you can use the emergency shelter in this case.

In the list below you will find the crucial professional groups that are indispensable during the corona outbreak. You can find a complete overview on the website of the national government .

  • Care (including youth care, social support and production and transport of medicines and aids)
  • Education and childcare
  • Food chain (from supermarket employees to food transport)
  • Transport of fuels
  • Public transport
  • Transport of waste and garbage
  • Media and communication (to provide information about during the corona outbreak)
  • Emergency services (ambulance, fire brigade, police, etc.)
  • Important government processes (for example, for the payment of benefits and benefits and the settlement of civil matters)
  • Funeral directors
  • Indispensable supporting professions (e.g. cleaning, security, ICT)

When is my child not allowed to go to the emergency shelter?

If your child has (mild) health problems, he or she may not go to the daycare to prevent contamination as much as possible. Health complaints include:

  • Nose cold
  • Running nose
  • Cough
  • Elevation
  • Fever

Your child can go to day care again if the complaints are gone for 24 hours.

If you do not work in a crucial profession, you cannot use the emergency shelter. Are you unable to arrange childcare yourself? Then talk to your employer about a possible solution.

Childcare costs and the corona virus

If your child normally goes to childcare, you will get back the full costs of childcare during this period . This also applies if your little one now goes to the emergency shelter.

However, it is important that you pay the childcare bill. This ensures that you can receive childcare allowance.

You will also be refunded the amount that remains after receiving the allowance. The childcare center receives money for this from the government, which you then receive in your account.

Tips for childcare during a corona outbreak

The tips below can help you in the period when emergency childcare is needed due to the corona outbreak.

  • Keep as far away as possible. Keep at least 1.5 meters away from other parents and children when taking your child to the emergency shelter. This way you help to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Have someone else take your child away if you have complaints. If you have (mild) complaints, such as a cold, cough or sore throat, you should not take your child to the nursery or school. In that case, have someone bring your child without complaints.
  • Think about whether it is smart to have grandparents watch. Do grandparents normally watch out? Leave this to someone else for the time being if they belong to the risk group. This is the case if they are 70 years or older and / or have poor health.
  • Get inspired for activities with your little one. Now that you and your child are at home a lot, you can probably use some inspiration. For example, read how you teach at home , how you can combine working from home with children, how to deal with boredom with your child and view these fun activities without a screen .

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