Binge Eating During Your Pregnancy

Binge Eating During Your Pregnancy

Binge Eating During Your Pregnancy
Craving pickles with whipped cream? Fries dipped in your milkshake? Cheese onion chips with cornetto ice cream? During your pregnancy you often suddenly crave the craziest combinations! But are these cravings still good for something? And what can you do about it?

Many women feel the need to eat more during their pregnancy. This strong pull can lead to true binge eating. These binges are most common at the beginning of pregnancy.
women feel the need to eat more during their pregnancy

Almost every woman has had at least one binge during her pregnancy. This is understandable: everything happens in your body and your baby needs nutrients to grow.

It is not for nothing that you often hear people say: you eat for two!

Nevertheless, it is advisable to be careful with this. According to the nutrition center, you only need 200 to 300 extra calories per day during your pregnancy. This is about the number of calories in a small bowl of muesli with milk and apple.

So it's good not to give in to your cravings too quickly and understand them well so that you can make healthy choices.

Where do the binges come from?

Opinions are divided on this. Binge eating can result from the hormonal imbalance or the intense emotions you experience during your pregnancy. In addition, it could be related to an improved sense of taste and smell.

There is another theory why you sometimes want to eat the craziest combinations. This theory assumes that your body tries to get certain nutrients by making you crave specific food products, because your body is deficient in these nutrients.

For example, the urge for red meat would stem from a need for iron, and the urge for pickles from a need for salt.

In addition to more hunger, you also get more thirsty. This is due to the production of new cells as your baby grows. Cells are mostly made up of water, which is why you will be more thirsty.

Crazy combinations

We mentioned it above: pickles with whipped cream , fries dipped in your milkshake, cheese onion chips with cornetto ice cream.

Strange combinations you wouldn't normally think of! Still, the fact is that almost every woman is in need of things she didn't eat before pregnancy, or combinations that she would normally prefer to ignore.

However, not every pregnant woman wants the same thing: everyone needs different combinations, so your cravings are unique too!


Very occasionally pregnant women get pica. If you are bothered by this, you will get an appetite for non-edible things, such as uncooked rice, earth, clay, sand or even paint chips! Usually, a woman suffers from pica when there is an iron or calcium deficiency or when there is great stress.

Usually pica can be solved well by taking additional nutritional supplements.

How can you prevent binge eating?

  • Regularity and water

Make sure you eat regularly. Drink a glass of water before giving in to a binge. Usually, after drinking a glass of water, hunger ebbs away, because sometimes your body does not know the difference between hunger and thirst.


Sometimes you want to eat out of boredom. Distraction can help you not give in to this. Go do something fun with a friend, or craft something for your baby.

Don't get temptation

Make sure to keep out sweets and other fatteners. So no drop jar on your desk, or a well-stocked cookie jar for tea. Instead, get healthy substitutes. You can think of a cracker with Hüttekäse instead of a bag of chips, or frozen fruit or frozen yogurt instead of ice.

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