Alcohol during your pregnancy

Alcohol during your pregnancy

Alcohol during your pregnancy

Drinking alcohol affects your child's health from the time you plan to become pregnant until you stop breastfeeding. Your baby is sensitive to alcohol, especially during pregnancy, so you better avoid it altogether.

Alcohol if you want to become pregnant

Alcohol consumption not only reduces the chances of a successful fertilization , but also increases the chance of a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Because researchers in this area cannot yet determine whether it is safe to drink small amounts, it is wise not to drink alcohol at all when trying to conceive.

One or two glasses a week are probably a small risk. So do not worry too much if you have drunk a glass once and have now found out that you are pregnant.

However, the risks increase if you drink regularly or drink several glasses in one day. The risks continue to increase the more you drink.

Alcohol consumption by the man

Alcohol consumption by the man can affect the sperm . Drinking by the man in the weeks before conception may reduce the chance of a pregnancy and may also increase the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth.

The man is therefore advised to stop or moderate the use of alcohol if you are trying to become pregnant.

Alcohol consumption during your pregnancy

Do not drink alcohol during your pregnancy. The use of alcohol has all kinds of unpleasant effects on an unborn child. Harmful effects can occur throughout pregnancy, including during the first weeks when the placenta has not yet formed.

Alcohol consumption during your pregnancy

Small amounts of alcohol can also cause damage. Drinking less than one glass of alcohol a day can increase the risks of miscarriage, fetal death and preterm birth , among other things .

Drinking one or two glasses a day, in addition to the aforementioned effects, probably leads to a negative effect on the motor development of the child.

There may also be a higher risk of low birth weight. The more alcohol the mother drinks, the greater the chance of negative effects.

The use of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of birth defects or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Babies with FAS have a low birth weight, grow slowly, have facial and brain abnormalities. FAS mainly occurs in children of heavy drinkers, but can also arise with smaller alcohol intakes.

Not only regular drinkers are more likely to have health problems. Drinking once, or drinking binge, can also increase the risks.

Although the risks increase with alcohol consumption, a minimal amount of alcohol during your pregnancy can also be harmful. The advice is therefore not to drink at all during pregnancy.

Alcohol after childbirth

If you are breastfeeding after delivery, it is still important to watch your alcohol consumption. Read more information about alcohol and breastfeeding .

Stop alcohol

If you have or think you have trouble quitting drinking alcohol, you can contact your doctor or the help center of the Trimbos institute

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